Uniqueness of this temple

Shree Ayyappa Vishnu Temple (Hari Om Nagar, Powai) has got much uniqueness to its credit. Here are a few to list -

Equal importance to Lord Ayyappa and Lord Vishnu
A devaprasanam (astrological findings) was conducted just before the temple construction activities were started. The temple astrologer then predicted that a sage had lived at this place centuries ago and had worshipped Lord Vishnu. Hence the area has the aura of Lord Vishnu. Subsequent to the prediction, the temple was constructed by providing equal importance to both Lord Ayyappa and Lord Vishnu.

Eighteenth Year Gift
The temple was constructed in 18th year of Shree Ayyappa Seva Sangham Powai. May be, to remind us that you need to climb 18 sacred steps at Sabarimala to have a darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

Hari Om Nagar
We were desperately in search for a site for temple and after getting the land, we came to know that the area is called Hari Om Nagar. There was already an Omkareshwara temple and when Hari (Vishnu) was installed, the place literally became Hari Om Nagar.

Banyan Tree
When we planned the Nagadevata Prathista, we just selected a corner. To our astonishment, a banyan tree started growing there, as if it were planted, providing a shed-cover for nagadevas.

Neem Tree
Behind the Bhagwati sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum), a Neem tree grew up on its own. It is considered as a good omen.

Our first year annual Aarrattu (holy dip) was done in Powai Lake. The water was not pure and the Thanthri suggested to look for an alternative arrangement. By the second year, some devotees came forward and constructed a small thirthakulum within the temple premises. Since then the arrattu has become a unique experience.

Main Prathishta & Dwaja Prathishta

Ayyappa Vishnu Temple at Powai is unique as it is one of the rare temples where Main Prathista and Dwaja Prathishta were done simultaneously.

Poojas with Traditional Vadyams
Another unique thing is the traditional poojas(Udayasthamana poojas) accompanied by traditional vadyams of Kerala (Chenda, Edaka etc.).

Aayillya Poojas & Sarpabali
The devotees believe that the Aayillya poojas and sarpabali performed at this temple have got similarities with the poojas of Mannarshala (Naga) temple of Kerala.

Experiences of Devotees
Many devotees have fairy tale like experiences of attaining the desired results as per their prayers at this temple. Many devotees have been offering Pushpabhishekams, Sampoorna Narayaneeyams, One day special poojas, Udayasthamana Poojas and other offerings on fulfilling their wishes. The nagapoojas, sarpabali, navagraha poojas, bhagwatisevas, Ganapati Homams and Thulabharam are the other main offerings the ardent devotees make.

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